Application for EnterpriseWorks Individual Membership

Please provide the following information.

Thank you for your interest in an EnterpriseWorks membership!

The individual membership includes:

  • Co-working Desk Space
  • Conference Rooms
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet Ports
  • Shared Kitchen with Free Coffee and Snacks
  • Events and Free Lunch Programs
  • Reception Services
  • Copy machine, Printers, Projectors
  • Video Conferencing Services
  • Tech Community of 1400 Professionals

To be considered for individual membership, the applicant must:

  • Must be a well-qualified individual
  • Must be working for or starting a for-profit business
  • Must have a real need for the services offered through EnterpriseWorks
  • Must be working on a research or technology related professional opportunity

Examples of potential individual members include:

  • Freelance mobile application developer
  • Solo entrepreneur or seeking to become an entrepreneur
  • Contract worker for a large technology business
  • Professionals working remotely for a technology business
  • *Services providers (i.e. lawyers) intersted in selling services to EnterpriseWorkes clients or tenants should not apply.

Guidelines for affiliates:

Individual membership status is not expected to be a long-term relationship with EnterpriseWorks.
Individual membership status is granted for one year at a time.

We will not market individual membership as Research Park or EnterpriseWorks tenancy.

Individuals will not be publicized in marketing or the tennant directory for EnterpriseWorks and the Research Park.
Individuals will not have mailboxes at EnterpriseWorks.
If an individual forms a company it is possible to convert to become and Affiliate company or rent space with the submission of a new application.

Company Background

Company Name
Primary Contact
Title of Primary Contact
Please provide a brief description of your business.
Why are you seeking to become an EnterpriseWorks member? What resources do you anticipate using?

Legal Structure

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State in which incorporated
Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Primary Contact Information

Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Zip Code
Website (If Applicable)


Reference #1: Name, email, phone.
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Reference #3: Name, email, phone.
Please provide a copy of your resume.


By checking the YES box below, I certify that all the information contained in this application is true and complete. I authorize the EnterpriseWorks incubator staff at the University of Illinois to verify the information contained on this application by contacting the references given. I understand that this application, when submitted, becomes the property of the EnterpriseWorks incubator and that the application will be retained by EnterpriseWorks whether or not the application is approved. I also understand that the information contained in this application will be used only to determine my eligibility to lease space in EnterpriseWorks and will be kept confidential.
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