Student Startup Application

Application for EnterpriseWorks Student Startup Initiative


Please provide the following information to complete your Student Startup Initiative Application.

Thank you for your interest in the EnterpriseWorks Student Startup Initiative.

Student startup membership includes:

To be considered for student startup initiative space, the applicant:

Student Startup Initiative Term

Student startup status is not expected to be a long term relationship with EnterpriseWorks and is granted for one year at a time.

Company Background

Company NamePrimary ContactTitle of Primary ContactPlease provide a brief description of your business.

Primary Contact Information

Address Line 1Address Line 2CityStateZip CodePhoneEmailWebsite (If Applicable)

Legal Structure

Corporate FormState in which incorporated (if applicable)Employer Identification Number [EIN] (if applicable)

Startup Development Stage Questions

Has your firm competed in the Cozad New Venture Competition?Have you participated in the Lemelson prize competition?Have you attended Social Fuse, Invention to Venture, or other TEC/UI Entrepreneur programs?Does your firm have a prototype or initial prototype developed?Please list any entrepreneurs in residence (EIR) or other business mentors you have worked with, and describe how they have helped you.


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Is your company planning to recruit additional staff and/or partners?If yes, is your company planning to hire any students?


List each product/service that your company has marketed or intends to market.


Who are your potential customers, and what is the size of your market?Who are your key competitors?

Space Needs

How does your company plan to use space at EnterpriseWorks?What is your company's target date for tenancy?11/20/2017 ]How many people will work from the space and what is their anticipated work schedule?What space requirements do you have?What is your desired timeline for space (summer, fall semester, spring semester)?

Required Attachments

Please submit attachments for the following:Business Plan


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